In 2018 TUMA launched its first Energy-Water-Food system in St. Rupert Mayer, a rural community 160 km far from Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. The idea behind the project has been providing people with a reliable access to energy, but also with safe drinking water as well as food security. As subsistence farming is the main food source in most African rural areas, we work making our system scalable in other parts of the continent, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 7.

First biogas plant installed

First installation of a biogas plant, currently producing up to 6 m3 of biogas per day used by the hospital’s kitchen. The hospital, now completely solarized, can rely on cooking without the use of firewood. TUMA also installed 18 solarized panels to power a water pump, later relocated into another existing borehole.

Agribusiness program
Town in ghana

Launch of an agribusiness program with the aim to create employment for local people and ensure food supply to the community. Part of the harvest is brought to the closest city markets to be sold.

LCA of the PV-modules

A Life Cycle Assessment was conducted to verify the conditions and the neutrality of the panels installed.

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