About us

We are a non-profit organization, which unites students, researchers, alumni and friends of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). All of us work on the question, how energy transition can foster sustainable development of communities in Africa. In addition, we are an accredited university group of TUM.

Our Story

Winter 2015/16

Award winning teaching concept “Renewable Energy Systems in Developing Countries”

Winter 2016/17

Student project “Energy concept for the rural community of St. Rupert Mayer, Zimbabwe”

October 2017

Support at the “1st international TUM Summer School on Energy, Water and Food in Africa”

Winter 2017/18

Student project “Energy concept for the urban township of Mbare, Zimbabwe”

January 2018

7 oral and poster presentations by TUM students at the “Africa-EU Renewable Energy Research and Innovation Symposium in Lesotho”

June 2018

Research trip to Zimbabwe of 10 TUM students to finalize concepts for St. Rupert Mayer and Mbare

October 2018

Registration of “TU eMpower Africa e.V.” as a Non-Profit Organization and as an accredited university group of TUM


March 2019

Start of implementation of the first Energy-Water-Food-System in St.-Rupert-Mayer, Zimbabwe (pilot project)

January 2020

Launch of the agribusiness in St. Rupert Mayer: subsistence and commercial farming supported by solar-powered irrigation system

Our Board

Our Structure